Issue #3 of TheDirt has arrived.

Read it and weep, suckers. This marks the beginning of a frenzied publishing spree. Enjoy your Black December!

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Recent Updates List

This is an “up to date” list of additions to this blog.

Added “Letter to the CEO of Jpay at his home addresses by Sean Swain”

Added “Technology as a Weapon”

Added “Prison Bankers”

Added “ZeroFox”

Added “Phone As A Weapon”

Added “ZeroFox Crisis Management Report (Baltimore Riots)

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New Protocol For Submissions

Do to the combative and sometimes even illegal nature of the articles we host, here’s how we’d like you to submit content: Simply post it somewhere on the internet as being from the dirt. For instance you could post article called “The Dirt: Prison Profiteer Finally Kneecaps Herself” or you could just say its by the dirt at the end, or you could just say its by you or your pseudonym. You could post these articles on,,,, or wherever.
After this you can send us an email or comment that says something to the effect of Dirt Submission: (Put Link Here). Voi­-fucking­-la! You did it!
We’ll be publishing and formatting articles as they come and posting them on our blog as well as other counter information websites. If anyone submitting is interested formatting their own articles prior to submission we welcome this.
However, it is still important to us that you be able to hold this information in your hands without ever touching the internet and for at least some of our
articles to make into the prisons. So, every couple­ few months we’ll be collecting the articles we’ve gathered and publishing them as an issue. Here’s to another year of brain­ melting info assault!
­- the dirt editorial squad

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Announcing! Issue 2 of The Dirt, Dirty and Censored Versions

Rebel Greetings!
The slowly decentralizing media assault wagon that is The Dirt has just released Issue 2! We’ve got 2ish dirt collectives and we’re looking to expand if anyone wants to climb aboard our anti prison war boat.
This round of published filth we’re throwin’ blows and makin’ sure you know. We’ve continued a bit on the theme of prison construction contracts with some juice about Corrections Corporation of America and some what-now’s regarding some very personal details of the contractors and architects involved in the companies who are responsible for the construction of the new juvenile hall in Seattle.
We’ve got a call-out for a prison leaks type project from sean swain and some text from a blog that’s functioning as a stand in to fulfill this call out until some radical techies step up to the challenge.
There’s articles about anonymous emails, automatic license plate readers, prisoner writings and updates, repression, riots, and race, oh my!
This issue is being released in two versions: Dirty and Censored. The purpose of having a censored version is so that we (or you) can distribute The Dirt inside the prisons. As it stands we think this issue wouldn’t make it into the hands of locked up comrades if it was sent in its full glory and we’d risk having our publication banned. However, please feel free to give us feedback on this as it’s an experiment for us.
We’re low on print funds this time around so if anyone wants to:
A) print and distribute copies of issue 2
B) Throw some money at us so we can do it ourselves because you think our project is just that damn awsome
that would be cool

Also, we’re always welcoming submissions that will keep us informed about the many tentacles of the prison industrial complex, how to stay safe and do cool things tech wise, who’s spying on us and with what, prisoner writings, cool drawings, and more.

You can email us at to send us submissions, information on what we and our locked up friends would like to see written, and for places to send copies or funds.

Below are links to download both versions of issue 2

Dirty Version:

Clean Version:

Stay filthy – Get Free,
The Dirt Editorial Collective

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Links and Comments

Hey all you little underworld roughians. We just wanna pinch your cute chubby cheeks. We had a saga of bullshit involving links and file hosting. Hopefully, this problem has been solved and with major improvements to boot! We started using to host our files. This site seems very stable, dependable, and privacy oriented. So, we put our files on there and replaced all the links in our prior posts which irresponsibly lend you to files that had the same name as our files but were .bin files. Hopefully, you weren’t using windows….

Anyhow, now you should be able to get all the stuff. Also, if your using tor you might be able to get the stuff through onion links! This seems like a maybe as right now the tor hidden service for infotomb doesn’t seem to be responding. Time will tell if this is consistent or not.

Along with this, comments are now enabled for any-damn-body.


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Call For Submissions: Anarchists and Popular Rebellion

Call For Submissions: Anarchists and Popular Rebellion

Whispers Under Yer Breath is a regular column that’s published with the intent of stirring up public dialogue about the strengths, weaknesses, dreams, ambitions, etc… of the radical community in america and where we can go from here. This will be a space for ongoing conversations about why anarchy has not yet smashed the state, and how it should. In other words, a space for dialogue about discourse and strategy. The way in which we hope to make this a printed dialouge is through the continued printing of written responses to “Whispers” submissions in future issues. So, please, don’t be shy about writing responses to what you read in this editions of whispers. Your contributions can be sent to The original callout for winter issue reguarding anarchy and age can be downloaded from here or if your using tor here . What people wrote in response to that callout can be downloaded here or if your using tor here All submissions to this column will be anonymous. However, because we find the geography of ideas to be a very interesting thing indeed you may include the state or locale from which you hail. We’d also love to hear your ideas about what future topic for this column should be. So, hit us up!
This issue we’d like to explore the relationship between anarchists and popular rebellion in the streets. As anarchists, how can we more effectively contribute to the spreading of the boundaries of rebellion, as well as, stoke the flames to make combative and confrontation struggle against the state a daily reality over weeks and months and years? How have we done this successfully in the past? What examples are there of situations where there were opportunites to spread the flames, but alas we did not? What is the role of the white/outside/anarchist/agi-tator/provacateur in rebellions and movements where primarily people of color are at the forefront? Is this line of questioning some vanguardist bullshit? While participating in popular rebellion might certainly be exciting, is it even worth the bother? Won’t the masses inevitably get tired of the instability that comes along with fighting and have their struggles swiftly coopted? Would “our” (your?) struggle be better served by a fierce and unrelenting departure from the masses? You tell us.
You don’t have to respond to all these questions, but hopefully you get the gist of what we’re going for. Anarchists and popular rebellion, duh. We look forward to reading your responses.

With strength and dignity,
The Dirt Editorial Collective

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The Dirt Issue #1 plus a transcript and audio track from our speaking tour

Hey y’all,

Its been hella long since we posted anything on here mostly because we’re sick of staring at a fucking screen digging up and smearing around all of the dirt (soooooo much) but reguardless we persist out of sheer determination and fury. Today we have for you a few download links.

Here's a download link for the 1st issue
Clearnet Link:
Darknet Link: http://infotombjhy7tcrg.onion/la3tj

Here's an audio track from the speaking tour
Clearnet Link:
Darknet Link: http://infotombjhy7tcrg.onion/xyqu2
and here's a transcript from the speaking tour
Clearnet Link:
Darknet Link: http://infotombjhy7tcrg.onion/ms3am

Never Surrender!

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Public Key

Oh wow! A PGP key, with which to send us news and articles!


Our public key can be found at

Simply go to this website and search “thedirt”

It should come up with key ID 4CDCF3C7

Comrades, we’re anxiously awaiting your customized strings of jumbled numbers, letters, and characters.

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A newspaper this dirty belongs underground.

Rebel Greetings,

Hello! We are starting a newspaper, and we would love your input. Much of the material in this rag will be focused on breaking down the isolation of inmates in prison and other institutions of repression. We are looking to create a forum for dialogue and a strong voice from an anti-state, anti-prison, and combative perspective.

We are seeking input from prisoners themselves, their friends or loved ones, and others who are or were tangled up with the incarceration machine.

We will also be publishing reports of actions from radicals and investigations of individuals and groups which contribute to the prison industry.

Currently, we are trying to make contact with humans who can provide us with content: articles of your own, contact information of potential writers, art work, any and all information pertaining to the sick fucking maggots that kidnap people and bury them alive in concrete graves.

Our goal is to be producing large numbers of full sized newpapers by December. We’ll be uploading a few introductory zines and flyers over the next few months, possibly just posting content if we get something juicy.

We’d like this paper to be a point of contact for rebel tendencies of many places and attiudes. We want to break down the walls between communities, and at the same time flood the world with agitprop.

We are currently lacking a secure public mailing address. Once we have a place to receive hate mail, we’ll be able to receive statements, news and other content directly from prisoners. If you feel like emailing us scanned copies or typed versions of content of this sort, you are probably the kind of person we want to support. Feel free to use us as a megaphone and fan club.

We are only beginning to get our shit together right now. Tell us if you want us to visit your town. We would love to work together on your projects in exchange for publicity for ours.

Send us an email if you want to get involved:

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